“The Five Faces of Oppression”

After reading this article one of the oppressions that I feel is the most prominent in the United States is the explotation of African American culture. A common example would be the appropriating of black fashion in every in America. Non black woman will take aspects of typical black culture and try claim it as their own. Such as, their hair, big gold hoops, long acrylic nails, and the use of AAVE. you can also see this through music as well. Often artist rap about their lifestyle or struggle they’ve faced in their lifetimes. However, too certain social groups all it sounds like is that they are rapping about guns, drugs, killing, and while blasting hard 808’s in the background of a song. Even so the older majority of society chooses to ingest this music without truly listening to what they’re words truly mean. Not only that but the people who are promoting these artist in the industry often give them deals that don’t benefit them. For example, an artist can releases an album that goes platinum and be given no royalties or compensation after its production. They were only paid for the production of the album and nothing else. They often can not claim their songs, beats, or lyrics as their own, rather the label that produce it claims a majority of everything.

Another major example of African American culture being exploited is through our professional athletes. Often times in the NBA and NFL, black athletes have spoken their opinions on the social issues in America and have been told to just “shut up and dribble” or play their sport. When that should never be the case, since we decided to pay them millions of dollars and give them a platform for the whole world to see them. If they are choosing to speak out against injustice in the world why should we tell them to be quiet and focus on their sport. I assume it can be very taxing to their mental health since they also deal with the notion that if they can not perform their job to the utmost extent then they might lose their job and platform. As such athletes often struggle as to when to speak out and when not too.

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