I feel as though, in current times I have already given up so much of my privacy and have seen little rewards for doing so. In today’s time I feel like our most private things in our lives is our phones. And I know I may sound crazy but at times I feel as though the phone just randomly listens to our conversations. for example I remember talking to my a friend about a random subject in which we have never brought up. it was something that I sounded interested in and we talked about it for a while. next thing I know when I am laying down in bed scrolling through YouTube, I find a on my feed a video saying “DIY At Home garden”. Now I knew I had never searched up anything related to this, but I do remember talking about doing something like that as a hobby over covid. So in a sense for giving up so much of my privacy to my phone it possibly thought that as a reward for doing so that it will help me with things I sound interested in. personally, I did not like this at all because if I have to give up my privacy in hopes of my device helping me with things I sound interested in means that they have to be listening to me a majority of the time. this just does not sit well with me because, when I have a personal conversation with someone I do not want my phone listening in and taking that information. sometimes it can be very hard making privacy a thing where it is truly private. I often feel as though we struggle to see the line where someone can live a private life and be open to society as well. the people who struggle with this the most are the people we put on the spotlight in our society. I am referring to famous actors, artist, musicians, and entrepreneurs. these people’s lives are constantly being watched under a microscope one false move and they could be cancelled. they do reap the benefits of fame with the fortune however it sometimes feels as though it is not worth it. privacy can be a touchy subject in today’s time considering you have to give up something in order to get something in return.

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I'm a person who enjoys watching movies or playing video games relaxing. I try to gym as often as possible so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. I am also a big fan of plants, especially in the household.
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