one way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through our schooling system. often times we do not consider this because school is a place where we send the young minds to learn about different subjects in order for them to see where there fare out later in life. however outside of the learning aspect of school we do not consider the social part of it. children are always being watched throughout their days at school. for example we can think of a teacher as someone who makes sure the children are kept in line and are paying attention to the lesson being taught. not only that but they are also making sure the children are not slacking off and if they are they will most likely be sent to the principal or someone else for disorderly conduct. as such the teacher is like a guard in a prison, one in which everything stays in line and in order. another example can be seen when the children are sent out to the playground to release energy and socialize. for the children it is nothing more than recess but for the teachers it is more of a task. what I mean is that teachers are constantly watching the children play making sure they do not become to aggressive or stop any altercations that are occurring. even when teachers are not teaching a lesson they are still on the job making sure the children are being watched and monitored. in some cases we can view school as a miniature prison system. it teaches our kids that actions that go against the social norm in school have consequences. it also trains our children how to follow rules and systems that are built in for them. finally, schools have very similar traits to prisons since the teachers can seem like the guards and the students the prisoners.

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