Dystopia is when a certain group in a nation or society is going through a great sense of injustice or suffering from another group. the reason why I say is because when a collective group goes through something that is unfair or unwarranted toward them they are living in a dystopian state. for example in the five faces of oppression they stated that “Oppression refers to structural phenomena that immobilize or diminish a group”. a group does not always mean humans in this case. to be oppressed means that someone or something is forcing another to be put under unfair rules and placed in a system in which they gain no benefit. now if we were to put in that in today’s term could we say we as human are experiencing a dystopian society. many people who live in different countries are being oppressed by their government and the people in it. the best example I can think of is in America even though we have live in a democratic nation many people face a great sense of injustice and suffering. we see people being killed on the streets and families being torn apart. for certain people it may feel as though they are living in a dystopian nation. in Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and Discontents he states “It seems certain that we do not feel comfortable in our present-day civilization, but it is very difficult to form an opinion whether and in what degree men of an earlier age felt happier and what part their cultural conditions played in the matter”. so if we reference our current dystopia to earlier times of dystopia can we truly say we are living in a better world. I feel as though that this is not true. sometimes we may feel as though we are living in a state in which everything is safe and free of injustice but in reality we all are living in our own little dystopian world.

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