Climate Change = Oppression ?!?!

climate change in my opinions can be a type of oppression. More specifically it can be an environmental oppression especially when humans are the main causation of climate change. As the climate continues to change, millions of people face various challenges in terms of extreme events, health effects, food, water, and livelihood security, migration and forced displacement, loss of cultural identity, and other related risks. depending on the environment in which one stays can dictate how healthy their life is. since we cause shifts in temperature in the world certain lands are affected in a way that should not be affected. Firstly, due to climate change people who live in areas that are vulnerable to coastal storms, drought, and sea level rise or people who live in poverty, older adults, and immigrant communities are most prone to getting injured or possibly dying due their environment. allowing climate change to occur indirectly oppresses people and puts their live in danger. also, climate change victims are individuals and groups not necessarily damaged by a single natural hazard, rather they are become victimized by deteriorating climate change-induced condition. this can possibly due to the violation of human rights violations, perpetrated by States, through action or inaction. Another example is the arctic has become warmer over the years, causing the glaciers to break off and melt in the water. this causes a shift in the economy for both prey and predators. the most common one is polar bears. since they have very limited land for them to rest they are constantly swimming while having eaten and slept very little. this allows them to be more susceptible to predators that live in the ocean like orcas. through action of inaction of climate change causes to the whole world to be affected. as such it can be easily understood that climate change itself is an oppression that is set upon all animals regardless of sea, land, or air.

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