Civilization and Its Discontents

After reading Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” I have come to realize that their is some truth in his writing. He constantly talks about people are restricting themselves from their true nature when living in a society that has a form of government. Freud states that humans at their core are aggressive creature’s by nature and find joy when committing acts of aggression and hurting others. This may be a bit extreme however, there is some truth in it. For example, any for, of government has a set of laws in which people in a society must abide by. If they do not then they face certain consequences, some more harsh than others. A key rule set in any form of government is that we must not harm or kill our fellow citizens. Once this law is broken, that person can longer live a normal life in that society in which that government resides. their lives are changed forever after committing such an act. basic things such as working, living conditions, and natural freedom become much more restricted. As such even if were to abide by our natural human nature as freud put it, we still can not live a life as free as we hope.

Now what if were to exclude ourselves from the laws of society and live in an economy in which we can only control. Freud states the reason why civilization fills us with discontent is because it restricts our individual freedom. In particular, civilization forces us to give up our natural aggressiveness. so if we were to decide to live a economy in which we are away from natural society maybe then we can truly achieve a sense of true freedom. We would have the freedom to act on out personal desires, good or bad. We can also go about our day without worrying about the consequences of a government which would try to control our intrusive actions. Once we take away our fear of consequences then we might be able to achieve a sense of true freedom.

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