Is Edward Snowden Right?

When it comes to Edward Snowden’s claims of privacy Infringement in the United States I wholeheartedly agree. Despite this, while I believe that his claims are true I don’t think that this is the case for every person in America. While Internet safety and security are very important and I believe that every person should own tools to protect themselves such as VPNs, I don’t think the government is listening in on all of our conversations 24/7. I think the idea that an NSA agent is listening in and watching our phones every minute of every day that you use it is preposterous and at times borders on the line of fear-mongering. However, the fact that Edward Snowden had to flee the country says something about our government’s breach of our privacy. I think that it falls on us as citizens to make sure that our government is withholding our right to privacy and that as a society we need to re-analyze the power that our government holds. 

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