Room 101 Radio

Room 101 Radio is a podcast hosted by the students of Dystopias, Real and Imagined. Each episode explores the imaginary dystopia of a novel and then considers the real-world analogues of that dystopia. The students are fully responsible for the creation of the episodes — they research and write the scripts, record and edit the audio, select and integrate any music and archival audio, and write the show notes.

Music for the Masses

Room 101 Radio: Music for the Masses
A collaborative YouTube Music playlist

If you’re waiting for our podcast to begin, try filling the void with our class playlist, Room 101 Radio: Music for the Masses.

Students should feel free to contribute to this YouTube Music playlist. If you add a song, be sure to tweet an explanation about how that song fits into our ongoing class discussion.

Assignment Sheet

The assignment sheet for this project was developed using the Transparency in Learning and Teaching guidelines developed by Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes of Brandeis University. You can can also download a PDF version of the syllabus.

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