Rona Dystopia

The coronavirus has turned my house into a dystopia. Usually, coming home from college was an escape from the stressors of grades, graduate school, and any other future plans I had to think about. But, now having to do online classes from home has somehow turned my safe haven into my worst nightmare. My mom is constantly asking me about what my next step is, and trying to see my grades. I no longer have that separation between work and play; It’s like they are in a competition and the work side of my life is beating out the play part since I can’t really see my friends.

This quarantine has been so confining, my mom can easily manipulate me to stay home because of this virus. I have no choice but to do what she wants because I can’t do anything. This quarantine is slowly becoming my dystopia, through mental manipulation with boredom, physical manipulation with fatigue and not being able to leave, and just taking my freedom away from me. It reminds me of 1984 with the mental manipulation the government placed on citizens, and how this virus is helping the government place mental manipulation on us, the citizens through fear and boredom.

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