In Praise of Democracy

When I think of a dystopian government, I think of a government that takes the basic rights and freedoms of its citizens. Having reviewed the list of different forms of government, I came to the conclusion that democracy is the least dystopian.

A democracy is all about the people. Out of all the other governments, people in a democracy play a larger role in the decision-making process. People are able to choose their own leaders since they have the right to vote. Also, if people aren’t happy with the leader, they have the power to vote him out of office. People are also allowed many freedoms and rights, such as the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to a fair trial, the right to own property, the right to equality, and many more. These can be used to hold the people in power accountable for their actions. They’re able to express their opinions on different situations they’re dissatisfied with through protests. In other forms of government that were on the list, such as theocracies and military dictatorships, citizens aren’t able to hold their leaders accountable for their actions, and they are greatly punished if they disagree with their leaders.

In democracies, everyone has the right to be heard when it comes to decision-making, so democracies are filled with many different ideas ranging from minority groups to the upper class. However, in other government types such as a monarchy and an aristocracy, only a few have power which results in decisions that may only benefit a small group of people.

I believe that any form of government can be abused. Even though democracies could be abused by leaders who may manipulate ballots in order to stay in power or those who try to pass policies that benefit a small group instead of the majority, I still believe that democracy is still the least dystopian type of government on the list.

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