Revisited: Personal Learning and Personal Growth

As the semester comes to an end, it is time I revisited my evaluation of my own strengths and weaknesses as a scholar. The skills that I know as strengths like written communication and analysis are of course still strong attributes that I believe gave me a nice foundation for the podcast project. The ones I felt I was weaker in such as oral communication, making real world connections, and being open to critique on my own analyses have improved as a result of working more in group settings and large discussions. Oral communication was the main component of the podcast project, so I spent the most time attempting to cultivate this in order to get over my fear of public speaking. Making connections became easier as I began to stay updated with current events, and I began to view critiques as an improvement of my analyses rather than a denial of or rebuttal to them.

The most improvement shows in the confidence I gained in sharing my thoughts with others and not putting too much pressure on myself to be right. The assignments in this class such as group work, outside readings, and in-class discussions and analyses all provided me with ample opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone even if I had preferred not to do so. The podcast contributed the most to this growth by combining all of my underdeveloped skills into one major project that I could focus on. Having to work with others, discussing our thoughts on specific topics then posting it online for the world to listen was not at all something I would have done if it was not required of me, but I found that I did enjoy the assignment more than I expected. However small these improvements I made are, they are still improvements, and I am proud of myself for overcoming some personal learning insecurities over the course of the semester.

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