Real or Imagined

As a class we have discussed what it the word Dystopia means since the first day. We have created our own definition while taking into consideration what we perceive a dystopia to be rather than let google or a textbook describe it for us. Not only has this given us a chance to not be restricted by what a dystopia was already said to be, but it’s allowed us to view a dystopia from our own perspectives as well as take examples from books and movies. The main purpose of this class was to figure out if dystopias were just imaginary or real and if the term could exist in both aspects. I think we all agree it does exist in both worlds, but relies heavily on perception.

     As the coronavirus tends to develop and take over the “normal” way of living, I think it is obvious that most people are living in a dystopia in America. The virus has revealed where our country lacks in systems that are supposed to support others. It also shows how capitalism thrives off of being a social construct. Stimulus checks, multimillionaire companies revealing that they are in debt, people not being paid by their jobs but also not qualifying for unemployment are only some of the issues that this country has faced since the coronavirus has become an issue. Through it all, it has shown how majority of Americans are the underdog and get the bare minimum because of the systems that are already set in place. 

     This class has allowed us to question the things around us while being able to know that “imaginary” things or terms are built from some sort of reality. Currently, I think everyone is some is living in a dystopia. Once again, it is all based on perception.

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