My Personal Utopia

I would like to describe my personal utopia in terms that you can understand it, though I’m not sure how to do so in a blog post. A world where food is plentiful, animals are free roamin’ in their natural habitat, people are kind to each other, and honest individuals are caring for one another is what my utopia would be. In my utopian society, there must be a coexistence between plants, animals, and humans. I believe that this can be achieved through the growth of natural wild plants inside structures that humans have constructed. This will allow the wild animals to thrive and come back to the habitat.

I believe that feelings and trauma can lead to various bad things happening. In my utopian world, we will strive to put an end to these negative effects by working towards a harmonious society. Unfortunately, too many times, strong feelings have resulted in mass killings and the destruction of other people’s culture. As an ideal utopia, we will be able to screen individuals who are threatening to themselves or others so that they can be treated or leave the community.

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