According to the book “The Five Faces Of Oppression,” which was written by Iris Young, there are various faces of oppression in the US today. Some of these include violence, exploitation, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and marginalization. According to Oxford’s definition of exploitation, it is the act or fact of treating people unfairly in order to get a profit from their work. In the U.S., this type of exploitation occurs in the capitalist system. It involves making the most of one’s resources by obtaining the lowest cost.

The concept of violence includes both physical assault and the threat that people in certain groups face due to their fear of being attacked. Although most of the time, violence is committed by civilians, some groups, such as the African-American community, experience high levels of brutality by law enforcers. In the U.S., marginalization is a common form of oppression. It occurs when a group of people is restricted or relegated to a lower social status due to how society tends to support white heterosexual Christians.

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