Is There a “Right” Government?

Capitalism isn’t working out for us. Capitalism itself isn’t a type of government, but it’s important because of how much it influences the government’s decisions. How many times will copyright lengths get extended because Disney doesn’t want to let go of their mouse? Don’t get me wrong, it works for a few people at the top who collect billions of dollars just for the fun of it, but not for the average citizen. Some may argue that the execution is flawed, and everything can be great with some reform, but that’s not possible. Capitalism doesn’t work for the people because it wasn’t designed for the people. It is meant to prioritize profit and bottom lines over all else. The whole ideology is flawed, not just its execution.

Then what’s the alternative? The least dystopian form of government would be a Social Democracy. People opposed to this ideology love to point to places like Venezuela and the USSR to claim that it is a failed ideology but refuse to acknowledge nations like Sweden and Denmark that have successfully integrated it into a mixed economy. The US technically has a mixed economy, but now one would ever call the US socialist due to its nigh non-existent social safety nets. I find it especially strange when people agree that they want free healthcare, affordable housing, and free public universities and then compare every socialist to Stalin. A Social Democracy is our best option because it would prioritize the people like a government is supposed to do instead of corporations who only care about pleasing their shareholders.

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