Purge: The Impossible Possibility

The movie the purge is an interesting one. People often describe the idea of it as farfetched, or in my own words, stupid. But being completely honest, after the presidential election that allowed Trump to become the leader of our country, I believe anything inhumane can happen to this little world Americans live in. The Purge is a dystopian film that focuses on what could happen to a country if it lost all humanity for one day. This is granted by allowing citizens to not be bound by laws for 24 hours. Banks are robbed, people are murdered, buildings are burned, and the next day no one is held accountable for the wrongs they committed. This is all done in the faith that crime will not be as significant for the remaining 364 days left in the year. Even though there are hundreds of laws that can be broken on this day, the main one that the movie considers is murder, this is shown by people going into lock down to save themselves from now loose murderers.

As I stated before, The Purge is a puzzling one, but I do not believe it is farfetched. Within the past few years a lot has happened because of the government or people in power. Children have been separated from their parents because of a law, a racist was put into a place of power as a rebuttal for Obama’s presidency, even before now and not just in America people were being put into concentration camps, in the sense of America there were slaves, and even now similar things are happening around the world. So, yes I fully believe it is possible that people would vote for a lawless day to potentially end crime. What makes The Purge dystopian relates to it being inhumane. Even though it seems like a good idea for smaller crime rates, who would genuinely want murderers and robbers on the loose for one day? Shifting the narrative from just murder, why would anyone want their homes raided, businesses destroyed, money stollen, all when they believe they have worked hard to earn these materialistic yet important things? That’s someone’s worst nightmare, which is technically the definition of a dystopia.

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