Production Ready?

Critically analyzing fictional texts and films is one of my strengths. I can pull from different aspects in the movie and or text to critically analyze the underlying message and main idea. Moreover, I can use various elements of the work, such as setting, character personalities, language, etc. to contribute to the analysis of the work. I am also able to connect the themes in a text or film to the real world.

I am good at actually critically analyzing and comprehending the underlying message of a film or text. However, I am no good at articulating my ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms to persons inside and outside of an organization. I can explain it more orally to people but not always in a fashion that is most effective for outside persons to understand my analysis. So I would like to get better at oral and written presentations of my review so that other people can better understand what I am trying to say about a specific work.

I also sometimes struggle with effectively combining the different perspectives from a work I am analyzing, in a written format. Oral is better in this instance. However, I feel I need to improve on making my writing effectively convey all of the different ideas that can come from that one work. All at once, in a way that outside people can understand what I am trying to say. I mainly want to focus on learning how to improve the flow, structure, and clarity of my analysis.

Overall, my main strengths are critically analyzing texts and films and using different aspects to find the underlying message, themes, and viewpoints and apply them to the real world. However, my main weaknesses are finding ways to present my analysis to people so that they can understand. And just the overall structure and flow of written and oral interpretation.

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