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Out of the 8 learning goals presented in class there are three that I think I have developed the most. The first is critically analyzing fictional texts and films. The second is critically analyzing contemporary events. Finally the last is exercising sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems.

The first goal I’m going to talk about is critically analyzing fictional text and films. When looking at this goal I feel as though I am very capable when it comes to discovering themes in texts and movies. If I see something in a movie or text that has caught my interest and I don’t completely understand it I usually do extensive research on it in order to get a better understanding of what’s going on. However I struggle with actually articulating my thoughts orally or written. When I actually have to articulate my thoughts my mind may either go blank or I may go off on a tangent out one particular aspect for an extended amount of time.

My second goal tends to follow the same pattern as my first. I feel as thought I am able to critically analyze contemporary events. The only issue I think I have when analyzing contemporary events is interest. When looking at the events I am more likely to look into topics and themes that I like or agree with on some level. I am able to point out and acknowledge themes that I don’t particularly agree with however if the interest isn’t there I tend to leave it alone. However contrarily, if there is a theme I don’t agree with that I find completely taboo I will research and look for the logic in it.

My last goal is exercising sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems. As I’ve mentioned in my discussion of my previous two goals, I feel as though I require reasoning to explain most of the themes I come across. I most of the time don’t simply accept yes or no answers I usually seek some type of explanation when I am looking into things. Even if I don’t completly agree with an issue I am willing to look into it with an open mind and make decisions based on my findings.

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