Production-duction 🎵

During the initial thought of creating the podcast, I was excited because not only am I  a mass communication major, but I am a person who likes to write and plans on becoming a print journalist. So, the script seemed like the part I would be most interested in and could contribute to the most not only because it would be the easiest part but because I could help my teammates with the length of the paper. The only issue I really feared was not knowing what the podcast would be on or who would be in my group. Thank God I was paired with people who know how to pull their own weight and know their strengths as well as me knowing my own.

     Doing the podcast on the movie The Stepford Wives, not only gave us a chance to explore the feminist aspect of the movie, but as a group, it forced us to dig deeper and see more than the surface. I think all of my members did a great job in the sense of thinking deeply and research to find parts of the movie that correlated with more than just gender roles. We found ways to talk about politicians, religion, and a little bit about race. 

     One thing I will say that the podcast project and this class has made me do as a learner, is not believe everything that I hear, or just question things more in general. Every commercial I see, I question the kind of tone and message that is presented and what it truly means, or why advertisements are still being sent out around this time. I’ve also done more research to gather information on my own and clarify what I choose to believe. Looking at books and movies that are based in a dystopian world has allowed me to view the world I live in as the same way. And it’s opened my eyes instead of just being complacent in what’s going on around me. It’s forced me to be informed as well.

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