Pre-Production Note

Since starting this course, I have definitely become competent in many more areas than I knew possible. One of the main areas being becoming able to articulate my position or viewpoint using oral and written skills communication among multiple competing perspectives about “big ideas” in the classroom. I am a very quiet person however, I do not mind sharing my ideas but that is sometimes difficult when I am in the presence of opposing viewpoints. Dr. Todd is very good at establishing an environment that promotes everyone to feel safe to share their opinions and respond to other opinions. This alone has helped me develop a confidence that I can use in other settings and classes. 

Another area I have become competent in is being able to exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome obstacles beyond what I had already been doing. Before this course, my problem-solving tactic was simply by following the facts that were unveiled through researching but after the first few mini panel discussions, I have been able to further develop this style that I had established at a younger age. Now I catch myself doing a lot more listening to other viewpoints and taking those into consideration. From there, I go on to combine those opinions with the researched facts that I come across and then make a decision. With all of that I am capable to honestly overcome any problem in regards to that matter because I have taken the time to acknowledge all perspectives. 

Lastly, I would have to say that my overall ability to be a better self-regulated learner has truly heightened. I believe it may be because it is not completely online and we actually have physical class. However, I still believe that even if it were to be completely online, Dr. Todd has really taken the time to effectively keep us up to date of the assignments which is really helpful being that we all have other classes to tend to. 

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