Pre-Production Note: My Personal Competence Evaluation

When it comes to critically analyzing media, I feel as though I am always missing something. This is more so with texts such as books and articles but also with movies and music. I think that I have a hard time being able to dive deep into what is being presented to me so that I get the deeper meaning and even the “big picture” at times. I say this because when it comes to class discussions I always feel as though I read the wrong thing or something else because people will talk about things in such an analyzed way that I feel lost. I tend to read and view things exactly as they are, not symbolically.

My strengths lie more on the technological and practical side. Being a computer science major, I enjoy opportunities to work on a computer or to express myself creatively on the electronic side of things. So when it comes to podcasts, I prefer to be the person who monitors everything on the tech side and puts all of the audio together in a concise way. I don’t have much experience with listening to or creating podcasts so I’m not sure how much of a skill in this area is needed but I think this is where my role would lie.

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