As we are halfway through the course, it is safe to say that it has been a lot better than I initially expected. The base of learning in this class has been a lot of discussions and interactive group work. We should continue doing work like this, as well as future classes because these conversations and activities serve as a mind-opening experience that allows me to see things from the perspectives of my classmates and research things that I would’ve never thought to look at. With that being said, I think we should condense our notes as a class more often into the main topics and points of discussion so that it is very clear what is to be taken out of each class for use in future assignments and discussions.

There is nothing about this class that I think should come to a halt. As the semester has progressed, I have taken something useful from each meeting. However, I do believe there are activities that we should edit or pick up along the way. The books that we read are important to the class and I appreciate being able to read them at my own pace, but it would be helpful to have suggested date checkpoints for the progress of readings and certain homework nights leading up to the discussion of the book that are dedicated to reading. I think we should also consider examining more aspects of individual dystopic societies to provide real-world examples as we discuss certain elements in class. Overall this class influences me to be a more politically aware student and I find myself more aware of my environment and the world around me. I am confident in the communication and online operations of this course as we switch to online instruction due to the emergency situation placed on our campus due to the coronavirus.

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