Post self critique

Over the course of the semester, my pre assessment of my competence is nearly the same as my current analysis of my competence. I am very confident in my skills to dissect the most prominent themes and ideas within both nonfiction and fictional works of literature. First, I always place a piece of literature in its historical context. The political, social, and cultural climate of the respective time period offers tremendous insight as to why perhaps the piece of literature was written, which can vary from ideal perspectives and realities in opposition of the historical reality, or inspired by the historical reality. I am extra observant of the characters and language used within the texts because these factors work together to strengthen the overarching plot of the work of literature. Once I have adequately gathered the main themes and ideas within a piece of literature, I always give myself a mini-oral synopsis of what I had just read to prep myself for articulating the information to another peer or group of people. I am much more detailed and meticulous when I am given a written account of my findings from the literary texts, but am confident in my ability to articulate the information orally for individuals who prefer audio summaries.

However, I believe I have changed with my ability to work with others. All of the group members have different learning preferences and particular preferences of conveying information. I’ve learn to compromise and take the back seat ride. I’m so accustomed to having the dominant ideas, while excluding others ideas. Now, I’ve learn that being all inclusive can synthesize different ideas because I as well as others can learn from each other. I am much better with communicating orally as well. Written communication has always been my comfort zone, but I do in fact find oral communication a much more human immersed connection.

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