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In my opinion whenever you engage in any major project within life whether it be for school or work, done independently or collaboratively, it does change you in some way or the other and at times, one doesn’t even realize the impact the endeavor had on him/her. Similarly, the podcast project we worked on within our Dystopia: Real and Imagined course, helped me enhance some of my capabilities.

All throughout my education career, I have developed the skills to be able to critically analyze literary pieces of work as well as films. However, I believe with this class as well as this project, the amount of development I have experienced within this skill has been tremendous with the way I not only find main ideas within a piece of work rather connect those ideas to another  larger and rather major idea. And it has come to the point where I observe myself doing the same critical analysis of any book I read or movie I watch even outside of class; either for another class or just for leisure purposes. Especially with the way my group chose to work on an animated movie for our project, I have come to realize how several filmmakers or writers often intelligently incorporate big contemplative ideas within seemingly easygoing movies so it has made me even more intrigued to revisit other movies I have watched at a younger age to be able to break down the more hidden aspects within those movies.

Apart from helping me hone my abilities to scrutinize integral aspects of fictional works, working within this class and especially on this project, the greatest thing that I have learnt and something that would probably help me the most within my life is the ability to break down modern day events and figure out the main ideas working behind those events. And as we did in the project as well as general assignments within classes, I have also learnt how to connect ideas present within fictional works to that of something similar within our real world or how one thing could potentially transform into it with the way we discovered the main ideas reflected within a movie or film within our projects and connecting those ideas to the way they might be and are reflected in our real lives. This has improved my ability to draw connections amongst different things even outside of the realm of fictional and real-life events.

Moreover, I believe while working in a collaborative setting like that of the podcast project, along with all the intellectual capabilities that you develop pertaining to the context of the project, one also either develops or enhances several other personal skills which can serve you much more in the longer run as for instance, I believe with this project I got a better chance to put my ability to try to analyze real life problems more soundly and with it finding a possible solution for such as well. Because throughout we had to make some major decisions trying to incorporate ideas that we all had, in some shape or form. And I believe the decision making came into play the greatest when we had to often accommodate each other’s ideas while making sure we included the stuff that could contribute the most to the project being more comprehensive and not try to impose our own ideas onto others and listen to everyone’s perspective rationally. Apart from the initial phase of discussions and decisions, I believe the point where we had to make the greatest adjustments was when we had to move back to our homes literally to different parts of the country due to the pandemic and still work on the project because there we had to switch around original plans while keeping in mind the situations and resources all of us had so as to decide what could work out the best. And initially we decided to do a YouTube video but we realized how difficult it was going to be on one person to edit the whole thing which would be unfair on that person considering the present circumstances so then we decided to a zoom meeting in which we ran into some technical difficulties due to network connections as a result we went back to the original plan of a podcast. But with all these reverting back to various ideas helped us grow in the way we always had something at backup for our project and how once we encountered any difficulty, we immediately began racking our brains for a possible and rational solution. I believe all of these situations have made me much more adept for such situations which is something extremely useful for one’s real life as well.

Although this project was a bit daunting from the beginning, with it being something so different in its nature, in terms of all the assignments I’ve previously done in my life and especially with the constantly changing circumstances, but I believe we as a group tried our best to overcome any problems and I, as an individual got a great opportunity on working on some of the skillsets I already had and instead improved them to a degree I never thought I would be able to, when going into the project.

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