Post-Production Note

In comparison to my pre-production post, it is quite obvious that there has been a lot of growth since then.  I have become way more confident in my oral and written skills when defending my standpoint in a particular discussion or on a topic. I still am very much to myself but as far as contributing my ideas, I have definitely taken strides in all of my classes thanks to this one. Since the last production note, we have grown much more comfortable as a class due to Dr. Todd continuing to keep that safe space open for us to use. We have respectful intense/controversial discussions more often because how comfortable we are made to feel in the environment Dr.Todd has established. 

As I stated before, I was pretty shy and nervous before the podcast assignment but my group and I really came together to record a great piece. After this project, I feel my analytical abilities have greatly improved. My group and I did very well with aligning real life events with those that occurred in What Happened to Monday. I honestly really enjoyed the critiquing aspect because our group was able to openly discuss why we felt that way or why we agreed with another. I think we would all be able to agree that this course definitely has strengthen our technological abilities since everything was practically web-based. COVID-19 made a breakthrough during this project so learning how to stay informed about what is going on around you is something that I really was excited about. I had always been one to not be informed of the societal issues and just went with whatever my mom told me, but Dr. Todd introduced the importance of being informed of what is going on around us and just started being more in-tune with the world.

Overall it is evident that I have grown so much as student, more specifically self-regulated learner because the course was very much like a hybrid. Students had the ability to learn online and have Dr. Todd there physically to still have the usual face-to-face that is typically wanted when in online courses. 

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