Post-Production Note

I think that when it comes to critically analyzing media that I have improved a little. For my podcast project I tried my best to be as involved with every aspect of the project as possible. From before watching my groups movie, Ready Player One, to watching it and then recording the script I took note every step of the way. I created a document that I planned to expand on during the process. In this document I took notes of details I noticed with our media and I also took notes of information helpful to know both before and after watching our movie. I researched the film director, the background of the film, and details I found important in the movie.

After watching the movie I went back and looked through my notes and was able to point out certain parts and characteristics of our film that screamed dystopian or that paralleled to other dystopian topics we’ve covered in class such as it’s relations to 1984. Knowing this, I think that what I lack in general when it comes to criticizing media is just the background knowledge and connections to other media that helps out with the critical analyzation. I just struggled with being able to connect what I’m reading with any previous knowledge of things I have and to fix this I should just do more research on what I’m reading.

Like I mentioned in my Pre-Production Note, my strengths definitely lie on the technological side. It’s what comes easiest to me. For others it may seem like a headache but I prefer and like working on the technological side of projects. This helped me and my team out greatly as we were decided how to go about recording our project. I was able to easily guide my team members on how we could get our podcast in the traditional podcast format without them having to worry about it. We simply recorded our podcast, put it in a google drive and from there i downloaded our podcast and edited it, adding music and transitions where necessary.

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