Post-Production Note

After reflecting on my pre-production note and all the progress I’ve made throughout the course of this class, practice with analyzing works has played a large part in improving my ability to critically analyze fictional texts, films, and contemporary events as they relate to dystopic elements. After clearly defining “dystopia” in class and practice looking for each element in a work and how they relate to our real world, I can easily identify dystopic elements as they appear. Articulating these connections are still somewhat of a struggle for me, but it has gotten better as far as dystopic elements are concerned. While I can easily identify the parallels, putting them into words for other people to understand is often challenging.

Last time, I rated myself a six out of 10 as far as my proficiency and learning were concerned. After completing the podcast and dealing with the current pandemic I would say that I’m now an 8. I stay updated on current issues and remain aware of how the things we are learning in class relate to current life. I seek out articles and I’ve started reading more or taking the time to stop and evaluate the credibility of different articles. This is especially important now because there are so many sources putting out information about the pandemic, so I have a very limited number of trusted sources I rely on. I could still improve greatly in evaluating literary works. I feel that it takes me too long to adapt to a style of writing and understand what the author is trying to convey. This will improve if I commit to reading more and know the things I am looking for before starting a new novel.

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