Podcast Reflection

I feel that my ability to analyze fictional texts and films has improved since the beginning of the semester. Now, I am more comfortable with reading texts and offering a bit more commentary because I often consult the news or other secondary sources so that I can synthesize information. Although I still prefer to write rather than orally express my thoughts on the texts we have read; speaking also seems more appealing to me now because I’m able to get my thoughts out quicker this way. I really enjoy collaborative work because getting to hear other people’s opinions or viewpoints on certain topics helps me understand them better and or gives me better insight into an issue I may know little to nothing about.

Our podcast project helped incorporate a lot of the above-mentioned topics. We were able to watch and discuss the elements of a dystopian film and relate them to events that have occurred in real life. I’ve never done a project like this but I appreciated the research and commentary that it required.

I also think that this project is a great example of self-regulated learning. It is relatively easy to start your own podcast and discuss any subject that you have an interest in. Learning is an ongoing process and I think having an outlet where you can share what you have learned either through writing, speaking, or other forms of expression is a great way to share knowledge and keep yourself up to date with current events in the world. Sharing your opinion or interests on a platform can really open up great conversations about why a certain topic is still relevant in today’s world or just help a person connect with others who share the same interests.

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