Podcast Reflection

To reflect upon my learning experience during this podcast project, I must say I grew from my first podcast production notes. Initially, thinking about doing a podcast on a dystopian film was nerve-wracking because I didn’t even know what to look for in the film that made it have those dystopian characteristics, especially in terms of the podcast project. However, I was able to critically analyze the film and pinpoint aspects I thought donated to the podcast project. It actually came easily once I saw what made the characters oppressed or sad. Watching the Hunger games before and during this project, I had two completely different viewpoints. I thought the capital was the best place to be in before and now that I af=ctually critically analyze the events and digest what I saw, I realized the capital is corrupted and sickening in the reason why they what the citizens to be scared of them.

Before the podcast film, I didn’t know much about the importance of the game and the reason behind it. Now I know the game is used as a reminder for the districts not to rebel due to past rebellions they sanctioned. That whole aspect is why the Hunger Games is a dystopian film. Its dystopian because it wants to oppress its people while it still remains its power. As the film of events unfolds every minute I am watching I jot down each dystopian theme and related it to the ones we have discussed in class thus far.

This experience of a podcast, has deepen my learning experience. With the project, I was able to apply what I have learned from our class discussions on dystopias and use it to identify ones in our group film, The Hunger Games. I was also to use our class definition as a guide to clearly and effectively to analyze the issues in the film and decide it is a dystopia just on the definition alone. This entire podcast experience created a self-regulated environment for me. Besides the main theme of the class, I was able to be tech savy and learn how to incorporate sound effects and create a voice clip with zoom due to our circumstances. Overrall, it was a beautiful learning experience across the board and I wouldn’t mind doing another project similar like this in the future.

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