Podcast Post-Production

Critically Analyzing fictional texts and films. Having had to analyze both a fictional text and a film for this project, I would say that my abilities to do both have improved. I enjoyed rewatching US and discussing We ate the children last and Elysium with my group members. I hadn’t seen either movie in a while and it was nice to discuss the themes within both of them. I never realized how much I enjoyed analyzing texts and films for hidden themes.

Critically Analyze Contemporary Events My ability to critically analyze current events has only improved during this project and current world events. While I try to keep a balance of the news that I take in, I do watch the news at least once a day and receive notifications throughout the day. Sometimes I will discuss the things I see or read with my mom or my friends to hear their opinions and also work out what I think.

Exercise Sound Reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems I believe this skill has also improved. This is because I am still acquiring my college education and these skills are required of most when doing so. On a daily basis sound reasoning is needed for analysis of most things. Sound reasoning is almost impossible to live without.

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