Pandemic + College = Chaos

As we face the unprecedented reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, dystopian elements and thoughts are magnified in the minds and worlds of college students all around. We have been thrown off the course of our routine yearly schedules and forced to adjust, some more than others. Looking past the grades and technical adjustments that needed to be made, this shift will affect people’s mental health, the motivation to continue our paths to a successful career and how we interact with people. While all of these factors could have a positive outcome, the negative possibilities apply more to this class.

For my peers who only get emotional liberation from their depressive episodes in a social setting, those who have a better diet at school than when they are at home, and those that find internal peace with being away from home, this episode of our lives is a dystopia for them. Thinking about the future, the fear of not knowing what our world will come to brings thoughts of a dystopian narrative into mind. Conspiracy theorists have given us various possible outcomes to consider which can all be overwhelming if we choose to actually think about them. Ultimately, this pandemic raises questions, about the present and the future. Am I continuing to study this hard for nothing? Will my future still look similar as I had predicted it to 6 months ago? How are my peers, whom I am not in contact with, fairing out in this situation? These are all things that constantly linger in my mind as I think about how this pandemic affects my generation and my future. Chaos is the word for the thing that is my mind and in the minds of many other college students.

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