Utopian Thinking

Kim Stanley’s quote, “It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore imagine how they might get better,” indicates utopian thinking. Utopian Thinking can be defined as a way of optimistic thinking but more concentrated on our world and way of the world. I agree with his quote, and I believe he is 100% right. Positive emotions and actions are antidotes to negative experiences. If we are able to come together and agree as one to be more positive with each other and ourselves, the world around us will change. 

A dystopian society entails wicked personalities and relationships which reflects on our personal lives. This turns into a disease that plagues our world with negativity. Therefore, positive thinking is the first step to changing our world around us. The next steps include expressing more positive emotions towards yourself and others and building positive relationships because we are stronger together. 

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