Podcast Post-Production

Before this group project, my outlook on group projects wasn’t as positively solidified as it is now. For the most part, I liked group projects and/or was indifferent about them. Working with my team and beating able to get so much done in so little time with no real issues is what I value the most. I’ve actually been working in groups in my other classes and my experience in those groups have improved as well. Collaborating with other like-minded people has become easier and more enjoyable for me. 

This class is already 100% virtual, so using technology to address a large audience is in our course’s nature. Personally, I would enjoy addressing a large audience via technology rather than in person if I had to choose. However, I would also choose to divide the size if the audience to better suit me and my stage freight. I can say, I have come a long way since Covid and addressing larger groups of people isn’t as intense for me anymore. I am adjusting. 

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