Our Traditionally Oppressed World

Marginalization has been present in our world before chattel slavery. Every area in the world had ranks or hierarchies of some sort, and the lowest people were treated poorly or differently because of their status or whatever else discriminatory factor the highest people chose to discriminate against. Much like present day marginalization, in the past, the highest people chose to treat the minority or the people lower in ranks unfairly and restricted them from many of the finer things in life. Women, the LGBTQ community, Blacks and Browns, and the incarcerated public, just to name a few, are majorly marginalized in our world today.

Women have come a long way in terms of what they are able to do in our world, but they are still mostly restricted to feminine or light labor jobs. The LGBTQ community aren’t welcome in some restaurants and establishments because of who they choose to love. Black and Browns aren’t offered the same positions or housing for that matter because of their skin color. They are less likely to own their own homes than rent and forever be indebted to the majority. The incarcerated might as well be restricted to working for prison if they get out, because there aren’t that many high paying jobs for them to choose from once they get out. They are shunned by the public and turned away from making a wealthy honest living because of the choices they’ve made in the past. The list can just go on and on, which isn’t exciting to think about. Our world is far from free. Many of us are bound and shackled by the restrictions and prejudice ways of the majority. #BreakFree

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