Killer City

The idea that the movie, The Purge, is based on is a dystopian one in fact. It allows for 24hours of granted and unapologetic violence. Citizens are given the okay to kill, destroy, rape, and spread hate as much as they can in 24 hours with no consequences. Let’s look at this from both points of view—Dystopian Humanity (people who willingly partake in this day of reckoning & Graceful Humanity (innocent bystanders who are hiding during those 48hours hoping the dystopian humanity don’t find them.

The dystopian society is acting out exactly what the day entails with no remorse, but are they truly enjoying it? Or is this purely something the believe they have to carry out for traditional reasons. I believe majority aren’t enjoying it but are partaking for traditional reasons. I refuse to believe many people are born evil and in opposition of the world, so I am definitely in favor with this side of humanity not truly enjoying these vile actions and rituals. This would classify this day as a dystopian holiday. The fact that the majority of its followers are possibly not truly happy while doing these things show how dark and unhappy their society is.

On the other hand, the graceful side of humanity are in fear for their lives. They haven’t succumb to the peer pressure of following this dystopian lifestyle. Although, factoring in they might have dystopian aspects about their life i.e. a repetitive job and lifestyle and feeling stuck. These factors stills rente enough to compare to the overall dystopian lifestyle of the other side of humanity. There’s always a prey and predator in anything you experience in life, and in this instance, the graceful humanity are the prey.

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