Dystopi-versity or nah?

The next big thing after primary and secondary school is college. As prep for college, we are taught the basics of the core subjects and how to prepare for challenging course work and roommates. We are warned about starting papaers and studying weeks in advance, and balancing school with life alone with no parental direction. We aren’t often taught about the financial burden put on most of us and our families. We aren’t taught about the thousands of dollars we might need to take out for loans that we most certainly have to pay back and as soon as you graduate, which gives us no time to get a good steady paying job if we don’t have one already. We also aren’t often taught about the living conditions in most HBCU’s vs. how much the students pay each year for a once-in-a lifetime experience.

With that being said, college has many aspects that can classify it as a dystopian society, but it isn’t all bad. College is designed to teach us the skills we need to survive in a work environment. With a college degree, you can do so much more comfortably. College can also open the door for many of us to get connected to life changing opportunities and jobs.


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