A Pair

Working in a group for some can either be enjoyable or unpleasing. For me, it is enjoyable because the work or task is spread out amongst a group, whether than one person doing a load of work. I like to work smarter, not harder. Now, I know we aren’t supposed to concentrate on the actions of others for this assignment, but working in a group with people who aren’t pulling their weight or hard to work with can negatively effect your experience with working in a group. I also prefer to approach group work with a system, meaning each of us get assigned a task and piece it all together at the end to present an ensemble.

Since Corona advanced in our world, people have communicated to large groups of people for various reasons and events. Personally, I have experienced this with job interviews and school. Joining zoom calls or google meets with someone you have never met in person can cause some social anxiety for someone like me. It’s awkward for me because we have constant direct visual contact. Even group presentations via video chat makes me nervous, but the plus about that situation is that when you guys are done presenting you can close your laptop and go on about your day. Altogether, addressing a large group through technology is nerve wrecking for me but I am definitely becoming accustomed to it.

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