A Bad Place

The word “Dystopia” literally translates to “Bad Place.” I will define it as a place that is engulfed in darkness & wretchedness. In comparison with Utopia-No place , and Eutopia- better place, Dystopia takes the villainous role. In life there’s always good & bad, and nice & evil with a middle ground. I say invisible, because someone must either be good or bad. However, they can also harbor the power to be neutral most times and maintain a balance between good and evil.

A place can become a dystopia through shifting more towards the malignant environment. For instance, a Eutopia can in fact become a dystopia if the wretched and evil presence overcomes it. I often think our world is slowly becoming a dystopia. Life is starting to feel unreal and not make much sense. Infecting our worlds in present day are distasteful events like fatalities, accidents, pandemics (universal illness), and Genocides. I would love to express and maintain my faith for a renewed world, but nonetheless I can’t ignore the advancing signs of judgement day God has been sending us.

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