Online School and Outbreaks

Considering these interesting circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, there have been a lot of changes over the past couple of weeks. Because of that, there are a lot of class activities that I think we should do, such as actually meeting in class and be able to communicate with my classmates. However, now that we have a completely online class, I think that we should start an online group discussion or forum where we can write our thoughts and opinions about the material that we have been reading. Another way to benefit online class is, although a tad personal, to share each other’s phone number. We don’t have the ability to talk to each other face to face and I believe that it would allow the class to ask each other questions in a relaxed setting. I know we have communication such as email and Brightspace, but I personally feel like we could bond better through a mobile group message.

There is not much that I think we should do to change class right now. After we had the mid-semester evaluation, I think the class is near perfect. I like how we eliminated the weekly quizzes now that we do not meet in person. I enjoy the class discussions and they are my favourite part of class! I also enjoy having to think deeply about other people and other societies apart from my own. We should continue having these discussions that require us to to think deeply and interact with each other (although that may be a bit difficult due to coronavirus). The readings are also positively enhancing my learning because we get to experience other people’s perspective on dystopian societies, allowing myself to be in the shoes of these people who live wretched lives on a daily basis.

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