Personal Utopia

I had been contemplating certain ideas of governments we currently have in the world today: capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, meritocracy, etc.. I found that I was more drawn to ideas that benefitted the greater good over personal benefits. I was drawn to ideas in meritocracies and communism. I would implement some communist ideas that addresses the idea that everyone has the basic necessities to survive: food, shelter, clean water. I would add that free education would be available because education provides the foundation of a more reliable world. I also believe that free education would allow people to explore ambitions they would never think about because of monetary issues. This would allow people to always feel like they belong somewhere, and if they do feel lost, there would be a survey (sort of like a civil service exam) that people could take that could point them in a direction that might interest them. Ideas of meritocracies would be implemented to avoid people abusing the system and “freeloading”. Incentives would be awarded based on how hard people worked. There would be a threshold to receive these incentives and those who don’t reach it would be put in a rudimentary system that would teach them why hard work is so important. There would also be a system that implemented sustainability. Without a world there wouldn’t be a people. I believe that currently people do not care about the earth, so people should be educated on sustainability and practice it in their day-to-day. People who innovate methods that promote sustainability would also receive incentives. These incentives would be monitored by the government, which would have leaders representative of the population.

Overall, my utopia would allow people comfortability, in that they do not have to worry about poverty, and mobility in society, in that people are rewarded for achieving bigger accomplishments.

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