Oh, to be a Dystopia

I feel that the definition that we came up with in class was precise and well thought out. However, I would only add to the definition by stating that a dystopia is “an imaginary or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence leading to an uprising either externally or internally”.

I think including that an impending uprising could occur is important to add because as we discussed in class, sometimes the people who are being oppressed in a dystopia may not even realize that they are being treated poorly. In that instance, spectators take it upon themselves to try and “help” those they feel are leading a pitiful and limited existence. At some point, people get tired of being mistreated and or get tired of seeing others be mistreated and decide to rebel against the government, the elite group who is in control, or any other force that is exploiting them. I use the word force as another factor because technology can also be used to control a population and contribute to a dystopian setting.

I tried to keep the definition brief and precise which is difficult because dystopia encompasses many different themes and characteristics. I feel that while making the definition longer and therefore all-encompassing, it will make it too precise and diminish its purpose which is to make sure it can be applied to any dystopian situation. While I don’t think my current definition is perfect, it can be altered to ensure that any possible future modifications to the word dystopia will be captured in the definition.

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