Utopia, Anti-Utopia, Anti-Anti-Utopia, or Dystopia

It took me a while to really understand what Robinson was talking about in his article. I had to reread it like three times. So after reading and doing some research I came to the conclusion that I am an Anti-Anti Utopian thinker. The Anti-Anti-Utopian thinker is a one who can imagine the possibility of their reality becoming a Utopia, but doesn’t provide or allow themself to reach that utopia. At first I wanted to say I was a Utopian thinker but that’s not who I truly am. I tend to look towards the positive in life, but I simultaneously recognize that this world is far from perfect, and it is inherently negative at times, preventing myself from attaining the positive things that I have dreamed up. Some example of anti anti utopias are found in novels such as Brave New World and 1984. In Brave New World, the government is attempting to create this perfect nation, where all the citizens are happy. In their pursuit of this utopia, they just end up actively making things worse. People can try their hardest to help something reach Utopian status, but those same people can be or are extremely selfish and can ultimately prevent any progress towards a Utopia. I think people recognize this idea, well I recognize this, and want to still mentally be excited of the prospect of having a Utopia because the reality is kinda bleak.

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