My Personal Utopia

For me to describe my utopia you’d have to have some insight into my personal life. Which is probably too much detail for a blog post. Any who, my personal utopia would be a world where food is abundant, animals can roam in their natural habitats happily, people are being honest and genuinely care for one another. There would be no wars of course, at least the wars that end up in severe destruction. All the citizens in this utopia would be free to live their lives how they wanted, love who they wanted, be whoever they want. 

            Living in this world as a woman and a person of color, has shown me how evil a human can be and it’s so disheartening. I have experience hatred for no reason despite being who I am from such an early age, and it never made sense to me. In my utopia, unnecessary hatred or bigotry is just banned. Everyone needs to be nice to one another, to care for one another and just be genuine. If people are truly genuine about themselves, I think that life would be so much better overall. 

            Also, as a human, we do so much damage to the natural habitat that Earth has provided for its organisms. We are also so destructive to it and it’s so terrible. If humans just lived in coexistence with the animals and other organisms on the planet and not try to conquer or rule over lands and animals, then the planet might not die as fast as it is. In my utopia, there has to be some form of coexistence between humans, plants, and animals. In my eyes we all can benefit from each other. I see this as structures that humans built are allowed to have natural wild plants grown in them, and because of this the wild animals of this habitat can come back essentially and thrive once again. Hopefully by the time of this utopia the animals and humans would’ve evolved to have a mutually beneficial relationship

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