Podcast Pre-Production

I like group work mostly when its science related because it helps me understand the information better. Usually in those situations I get to pick the people I am working with, that plays a factor in our communication. When I work with people I am familiar with the communication is generally better and the work gets done faster. Also, I feel more comfortable asking for help and sharing ideas. Besides science group work it hasn’t been the best for me because I’ll admit that I am not usually that invested in the concept or topic of the project. Hopefully, that will change with this class because I have an interest in dystopia topics.

            Technology is a learning curve with me. I go on social media every day, but I don’t engage with anything. I don’t really incorporate technology in my work unless it is a requirement. When it comes to public speaking, I get nervous but only because I don’t want anything to go wrong. Overall, I don’t have much experience with technology in regard to school work.

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