Podcast Post-Production

When this podcast project was presented to us, I was a little skeptical because that means that I would be working in a group. Previously I stated that I mostly like group work when it is science related because it helps me understand the information better and I think that applies here as well. Even though the other people in my group were assigned I feel like we got along well. The communication was easy and purposeful, especially when trying to sort out our schedules. Since this podcast was all about presenting why our book/movie was dystopian, the different dystopian elements, and how it correlates to the real world I was very invested in the project. It was a more immersive project because we wanted it to sound natural and not rehearsed, so each take sounded different. In my opinion that really made it feel like a podcast I could listen to in my free time. When I felt like I wasn’t as present in the episode I would try to relate it back to dystopian elements or just comment in general.

            We used Zencastr to record our podcast because we weren’t all in the same place and it was easy to use. There were some technical difficulties on my side, but I think that was because I hadn’t restarted my computer in a while. Communication was easy because I used an app that has been in my everyday life since college started, GroupMe. Overall I’m happy with the way my group’s podcast turned out.

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