Is Utopia the Answer?

I think that people need to have hope for a better future or else nothing is going to change. Hope is not needed if the people are content in their situation, but most of the time the people in dystopian societies are silently displeased, if they are not expressing how they feel out loud. I agree and disagree that utopian thinking could be the key to overcoming a dystopia. Everyone has their own version of a utopia, so if a person really does find the strength to try to make changes because of the hope they have for the future it’s a great thing. Sometimes joining ac cause and fighting for change doesn’t amount anything because the person leading the revolution wants nothing to change except who is in power. However, the symbol of hope for a revolution/resistance is the key to overcoming a dystopia. The symbol is what makes you think of a better future, where everyone can be and do what they want.

            By having hope people would already be taking the step to utopian thinking because of individualism. In dystopian societies there is a lack of independent thought, that’s why one person can make waves. It is a different option that most people never thought of because they were conditioned not to. After all is said and done, the resistance wins and then they are going to need ideas on how to improve. Having the ability to contribute ideas and being heard is the ultimate step towards being free.

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