Is Religion the Answer?

            I think religion could be part of the answer to defeating dystopia. Religion gives people hope that things will get better and the chance that God or gods will hear your prayers leaves light at the end of the tunnel. The light is the possibility for a brighter future because surely, they can’t let the world be in anguish. In “Brown Girl in the Ring”, Ti-Jean had a direct line to her spiritual father after she made an offering, and he was always keeping a watchful eye on her. In this case the Orisha’s and her spiritual father helped her defeat her grandfather, but it was different because they wanted him gone as well. It wasn’t just for her benefit, so maybe God or gods need to feel inclined to help people. Religion lends a helping hand when there is nothing left. Also, religion brings people together so you’re not fighting or just navigating the world alone.

            If there wasn’t religion to lend a helping hand, there would be one less thing for people to have in common. I think that was the point in the book 1984, without religion he didn’t have a group of people that he could relate to. He probably would have trusted people more and he would have had more passion for his cause. There was no passion or drive behind his cause, in the end he folded easily because he knew there was no one behind him. The other part of the answer to defeating dystopia would be fighting for someone else. Ti-Jean had to avenge her grandmother, as well as fight and live for her child. That’s what gave the strength to continue, being reminded of what she values in life. In 1984, Winston didn’t have close familial ties and his love for Julia didn’t run deep enough for him to stick it out. Religion is a key component to fight oppression because belief will take you a lot of places.

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