Democracy Would Be a Good Fit

Democracy would be the least dystopian type of government in my opinion. When thinking of a dystopian society, I don’t really think about government at all. If I do recognize some sort of government in the books and films that I read or watch, it would be totalitarian. The justifiable reason for that sort of government would be so that history doesn’t repeat itself. Based on Hobbes’s Leviathan he basically said that the mind of men is more alike than the body. If that were true than wouldn’t people be doomed to make the same mistakes as those in the past if they were alone? That’s the message I feel like dystopian books and movies spread. In a democracy, people are collaborative, and things are usually put to votes.

            In dystopian societies it’s usually a dog eats dog world, having a government where there is no opposition, there is no compassion. Compassion breeds humility and that requires some semblance of trust. With a totalitarian government there seems to be a mentality to “strike first” because there wouldn’t be an opportunity missed when someone would let another person get hit by a bus. Hobbes’s stance on trust shows that if trust isn’t mutual, it will take nothing for a man to overpower another. A totalitarian government doesn’t allow the opportunity for divergence, everything is controlled. If everything is controlled there is no allowance for growth. Democracy allows for growth and protection, seeing citizens as the humans that they are. Totalitarianism views citizens as objects that need to be controlled.

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