Utopian Thinking?

I would have to say I don’t agree with Robinson. It not crucial to just imagine things are gpoing to get better or be better. We would like to think that the average human does believe in their heart things will get better but to what extent is that true and what steps should be taken. Based of the knwledge we have on what dystopia we know that it just a horrible place. Also, we know that a utopis is a perfect place. Could a utopia and dystopia exist without each other?

I believe that the two rely upon eachother. Imagine if everything was all good we would never know whats wrong even if we were doing bad. Plus vice versa how would we know bad without knwoing good? Based off the current world event some might say we live a dystopia. But there are people who live in a utopia on the day to day. Those within the lowerclass probaby consider their lives to be a constant dystopia and may have little to no hope that thing will get better drasitcially change. As for those who are part of the upper class they may feel as if things are perfect in their lives and are living in a utopia.

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