True Dystopia 21st Century

I would say a true dystopia would be a place that’s in complete uproar.

Based on my definition above I’ve came to this conclusion after all the work we’ve done this semester. After reading young’s 5 faces of oppression I understood how some of the elements she mentioned are apart of a dystopian. Violence was one of the major elements that stuck out to me because we see so much of it in today’s society. A prime example of this in our city would be the car jacking’s that are leading to death. One lady was sitting in her car when a group of teenagers decided to try and take her car. This ended in her being beaten and drug to death behind her own personal item. Overall I would describe this years as a dystopia. We’ve experienced more violence than ever and are being controlled by our government. I also read an article about cellphone trackers being used as surveillance. As soon as you turn your location on your every move can be tracked by millions of people you don’t even know.

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